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Personal training

CornerStone Performance & Development


 - Do you want to lose weight?


 - Do you want to build a strong athletic body?


Do you want to learn how lifting weights will help you achieve this?


- Do you like going to the gym but you've hit a plateau and you want to start getting the results you know you can


Shaun E. - Hampshire

The best thing about working with Mas was being able to squat ( assisted and goblet ) without knee feeling like it wants to pop and strength coming back.

Peter C. - Surrey

I learnt about warming up routines and feel fully incentivised to achieve my goals

Alison J. - Hampshire

As a runner I find strength and conditioning is often overlooked in favour of running, but I have found the benefits of this class immense.


Mas instinctively knows how far to push us so that we gain the most from the session, this is often more than you believed you were capable of.

4 sessions per month

Offering expert training for the time poor, this package is ideal for those who are committed to training on their own but lack direction or have hit a plateau. You will have one personal training session per week with your prescribed trainer and a training plan to work on between sessions.

8-12 sessions per month

From lifestyle changes to physique improvements, we will tailor your programme every step of the way. You'll receive full support that goes beyond the physical session. This is the ideal package for those wanting to get results whilst fitting training into a busy schedule.


16 sessions per month

Those with more specific goals may require more coaching time with us; from sports performance, muscle-gain and fat-loss; to improving movement and forming new habits. Those who commit to this more intensive package will achieve quicker results with our overarching ethos of health and sustainability in mind.


Nutrition Advice

You'll receive nutritional advice that is entirely bespoke to you and your lifestyle. Whether it be guidance or full planning, we will work with you to create a plan or method of managing your diet which suits you.

Bespoke Training

After your initial consultation, we will tailor each part of your programme to your specific goals, training experience and lifestyle. Every aspect is considered an important part of your journey with us.

I know how easy it is to convince yourself that you're doing ok even after missing a few workouts, but are you really going to reach your goals? With our weekly contact, we'll help you stay on track.

Additionally our Facebook group will help you with accountability and support.

Continuous Learning

This part is vital in maintaining your hard work, learn about your specific nutrition needs and how to meet them with the food you like. also learn to put together your own workout programme


Support Tribe

Semi-Private Personal Training

You don't have to be an athlete to train like one. Everyone wants to improve their performance whether you are a stay at home parent trying to keep up with your kids, or a high-level executive trying to stay focused on the job. Semi-private training provides the individual attention that you would normally receive in a one-on-one setting with the challenging and fun camaraderie of a small group. The program is designed to improve overall strength, enhance flexibility, reduce body fat, and build confidence!



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