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Firstly, let me congratulate you on winning a place in the London Marathon ballot, you've already gotten further than a lot of other people. But the work is only just beginning.


Don't know where to start?


We specialize in strength training for sport, including distance running. Having worked with some of the top distance runners in the country, we're confident we can work with runners of all abilities to help them improve.

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Lilly P. - Surrey

"I worked with Mas for 8 months prior to coming 8th at this year's London Marathon and running a 2 and a half minute PB. I really benefited from the individualised adaptive approach and was able to really tap into Mas' knowledge and resources twice a week. It provided me the necessary focus and consistency with my strength work that is essential to achieving my goals"

Claire J. - Hampshire

 I've been training with Mas now for over 10 months and am really pleased with the progress I'm making from following his direction. He makes our sessions fun, but I feel constantly challenged and I'm really enjoying working with him 

Alison J. - Hampshire

As a runner I find strength and conditioning is often overlooked in favour of running, but I have found the benefits of this class immense.


Mas instinctively knows how far to push us so that we gain the most from the session, this is often more than you believed you were capable of.

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