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Ski Fit


So you've booked your ski holiday. Are you looking to get the most out of your time on the snow?  Have you thought about what could you do to maximize your time on the snow? 


What about getting stronger?

What about getting more injury resistant?

What about improving your conditioning?


If 'Yes' is the answer to any of the above questions then                                   to our Get Ski Fit program


Let's face it when you go out onto the mountains to ski (if it's not a regular thing) you spend the first few hours trying to find your feet, and regain the confidence that your body remembers what to do. But what if you were just a bit stronger? What if you had better conditioning so that you could recover faster between runs?


What is it?


Get Ski Fit is an online strength training program, which means to get the full benefit, you will need access to a gym, and you will need some experience in lifting weights.


What you will get


Our Get Ski Fit program is a strength and conditioning program developed to help you get stronger particularly through your legs and core. By getting stronger in these places, in particular, you also become more injury resistant.

You will get a nutrition program to help guide you through the strength program. There will also be a weekly call with me to catch up on your progress and give you advice, guidance or to answer any of your training questions.


What does this all mean?


More time on the snow, and therefore, more fun. Winner!

So What are you waiting for? 





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