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Online Personal Training

let's build your best body...

12 weeks to a new you

This 12 week body transformation programme for men and women has been designed to suit all shapes and sizes, providing a unique opportunity to be coached by one of the best Trainers in the business.

This programme will change your life by boosting your body confidence and self-esteem through the use of exercise and weight training.  Yes you will drop body fat and yes you will achieve a toned and defined physique but the most important aspect of this programme is how it will make you feel.

 Improving your mindset is our number one goal by putting you back in control of your nutritional and fitness habits so you can get back to feeling good about life.


I know how easy it is to convince yourself that you're doing ok even after missing a few workouts, but are you really going to reach your goals? With our weekly phone conversations, we'll help you stay on track.

Strength training

That's right - less cardio, so if like me you hate cardio, then this is a programme for you!


Learn how to fuel your body correctly for your workouts and energy through your day.

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What you get


As I said before, let's journey together. Join a tribe of like minded people in a Facebook group to support and encourage each other on this journey!


With a workout log and fortnightly photo review. See how steadily you are moving towards your goal


This part is vital in maintaining your hard work, learn about your specific nutrition needs and how to meet them with the food you like. also learn to put together your own workout programme

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Let's journey together

Whether your goal for a better body is for a holiday, wedding, or to simply lead a better, healthier life, I believe I can help you to achieve them. My mission is to help YOU change your life by providing a simple, practical and easy to follow programme. You'll learn how to eat better and train smarter.


Purchase the programme and receive your welcome email containing health assessment forms, measurements sheets and further instruction.


Submit your forms, measurements and body shot photos to for review.


Receive your programme manual via email, meet your team mates via the community forum on Facebook and then get started.

Why choose us

This 12 week body transformation programme  is suitable to anyone looking to make a real change or improvement to their overall body confidence.  If you are looking to drop some body fat, this is for you.  If you are looking to bulk up and start seeing some muscle definition, this is for you.  If you are looking to obtain some focus in life and mentally get control of your nutritional habits then this is also for you.


There are many body transformation programs out there, but we are unique as we hold you accountable and man manage you throughout the whole process, we tweak the nutrition and training to your particular needs and provide you aftercare post 12 weeks including FREE training plans to ensure you are equipped to maintain your results. At no point are you left to fend for yourself. You’ll have the support and guidance from Mas and the Cornerstone transformation community throughout to make sure you stay on track through the 12 weeks and beyond.15

What you will need

All that’s required for this 12 week body transformation programme is that you have access to a suitable gym with a wide variety of equipment. This program cannot be done at home.  

You will be required to do predominately weight based exercises with limited cardio-vascular exercises.


The 12 week body transformation programme consists of 4 days per week gym based training, all of which can be done at any time of the day that is suitable for you.

This programme does not involve any face-to-face training, you will complete all training in your own local gym. Since this option is solely online, this programme is open to international participants.

You are able to start this programme whenever is convenient for you.

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Online personal training

£285 - One Off Payment for 12 Week  Programme

Payment Plan - £110pm for 3 months

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