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Project: Dad Strength

be that guy...

Got a question for you

Do you get tired quickly when playing with your kids? Do you find it hard to get down to and up from the ground? are you suffering from a general lack of energy? Or here's another on - are you tired of carrying that "spare tyre around your waist?

Do you remember when...

Hey guys do you remember growing up and your dad seemed to be the strongest one on the block? Or that he didn't seem to get tired when playing with you? Do you want your kids to remember you like that?

  • Project: Dad Strength is an 8 week exercise and nutrition programme specifically for men 40+ to help you get back into shape (and don't tell me round is a shape #hearditbefore)

  • If you've let yourself go a bit and want lose some belly fat, this programme is for you

  • If you're trying to keep up with the kids, our high metabolic challenging, training, and nutrition will have you burning fat and building muscle, and increasing energy

So what is this?

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