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ATTENTION GIRLS…..LADIES…..young and everything in between!!! Lifting weights DOES NOT make you ‘buff’, ‘big’ or ‘look like a man’!!

We come up against this so often that girls refuse to lift weights or even go anywhere near the weights section, whether it’s because of the above preconceptions or the grunting gym bros that seem to monopolize the weights section. Any why should they? Why shouldn’t there be a woman’s presence in that section of the gym? Come on girls…..strut in there and own that space!

I must admit I used to feel like this……but have come to love lifting weights. It definitely adds variety to the gym experience and workouts don’t become boring or samey! You can burn the same amount of calories in a 20 minute weightlifting workout as you can running endlessly on a treadmill for an hour! You tone up and become stronger.

Fitness is so much more than how long or how quick can you run without passing out! Fitness also includes strength and flexibility/mobility!

Adding a 20 minute weights workout to your gym workout, followed by a 20 min cardio session will supercharge your fitness goal and speed up your weight-loss or toning up goals! Believe me.

I currently weight 60 kgs (for those of you who like it in ‘old money’ 9st 4lb)…..

In a typical weightlighting session I can….

Deadlift 80kg (12 st 5lb / 176 pounds)

Back squat 80kg

Bench press 40 kg (6st 2 lb / 88 pounds)

Leg press 150 kg (23st 6 lb / 330 pounds)

>25 press-ups (proper ones!) and 10 pullups

You tell me… I look buff? Like a man? Because I lift?

This girl CAN……and so can you!! Want some direction…..give Mas a shout, he’s a brilliant coach….and no I’m not biased!

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